Reiki se duce acolo unde este nevoie?

Poate una dintre cele mai raspandite “legende urbane” despre Reiki este “poti sa pui mana oricunde, Reiki se va duce unde ai tu sau persoana cealalta nevoie”.

Oare chiar asa sa fie? Eu zic ca nu, si ma bazez pe urmatoarele:

  1. Usui, Hayashi si Takata dadeau instructiuni precise legate de afectiuni si anumite pozitii de maini necesar de realizat pentru acestea. Aceste intructiuni erau date atat in cadrul cursului cat si elaborate sub forma scrisa, celebrele ghiduri ale lui Hayashi si Usui. Le puteti descarca gratuit de aici

  2. auto-tratamentul este conceput astfel incat sa acopere intreg corpul. Daca nu ar fi fost nevoie, am fi folosit o singura pozitie de palme, oriunde pe corp.

  3. John Harvey Grey (Maestru Initiat de Takata, unul dintre cei lasati ca si continuatori de catre aceasta in 1977 ), spunea clar ca tratamentul cu Reiki este un tratament local.


Este totusi adevarat ca local, acolo unde punem mainile, Reiki armonizeaza si echilibreaza “cum stie el mai bine”, in functie de necesitatile si disponibilitatile concrete ale fiintei pe care punem mana. Cum s-a ajuns la interpretarea din titlul acestui articol, voi explica intr-un articol viitor.


Completare (in urma unor comentarii suplimentare de la Maestrul Reiki Don Beckett; comentariile si raspunsurile detaliate sunt mai jos): faptul ca Reiki este un tratament local nu inseamna ca Energia Reiki ramane local! Insa, modul in care circula in organism, corespunde unor meridiane si unor organe, interconectate asa cum descrie Medicina Traditionala Orientala. De exemplu, in cazul unei afectiuni oculare, se trateaza ochii, apoi ficatul si alte organe, chiar daca Energia Reiki, cand pun palmele pe ochi, se duce si la ficat 😉


Completare 2: aici gasiti ceea ce spune chiar Mikao Usui despre sistemul sau, unde indica ca metoda de tratament se aplica local


Pentru cursuri Reiki Traditional (Usui Reiki Ryoho) in Bucuresti si in tara ne puteti contacta la: si 0744.236.205


De bine!


  • Don Beckett commented on August 7, 2012

    Mihai —-

    Hello again! : ^ ) So …. you agree with me that, in “distant” reiki, both people are experiencing reiki….?

    About Takata’s 40 years of experience: I respect it, of course …. but it doesn’t mean she couldn’t be wrong about some things. (Many people believed for centuries that the Earth was flat — but it seems they were wrong! : ^ )

    I do believe there are multiple sources claiming that Hayashi was in the Gakkai: Chris Marsh’s teachers; Dave King (via Mr. Tatsumi, a student of Hayashi and also a member of the Gakkai for a short time); and Tadao Yamaguchi at least implies it, in “Light on the Origins of Reiki” — where he says (p. 66):

    [Usui’s] “most prominent students succeeded him to run the organization named Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai or ‘the Gakkai’.

    “Among these prominent students there were several people from the Japanese Navy. The second president … Ushida … the third, … Taketomi … fifth president … Wanami…. Mr. Chujiro Hayashi who taught Reiki to my mother was himself a Captain.”

    This is the first I’ve heard of Takata teaching hands-on scanning. I assumed that she taught scanning the aura — because that’s what I was taught in 1991 by a Reiki Alliance teacher. He was taught by Phyllis Furumoto, and he was very strict about doing things the Reiki Alliance way….! : ^ )

    B well ! ——

    • admin commented on August 8, 2012

      Hi Don

      I agree with you that there is no “sender” or “receiver”. Takata didn’t speak anyway about “sending Reiki” 🙂 because Reiki is already there 😀 But she states clear that Reiki practicant (who is doing “absentee tretment”) will not receive Reiki in “absentee treatment”, only “the recipient” will do.

      Takata teaches 2 kind of “scanning” (as far as i know) a hands on scanning and an “aura scanning”. Look here

      Nice your examples with Earth being flat :)) but I’ll travel to see if i’ll fall after i’ll reach the margins :))

      Well, Dave King said a lot of things but no material proves. So i’ll wait for a more clear source. Also about Tadao Yamaguchi: he suggested, but no material proves.

      Yes, Pat Morgan has to be quite strict about this, but, some other people were trained in a different way, both ways are working, of course 😉

      In the line above, there are also 2 “generations” of Reiki Master, from 1975-1977 and 1978-1980, with different kind of preparation and training 😉

      Be well u2!

  • Don Beckett commented on August 5, 2012

    Mihai —-

    Thanks for your answers. I have to respectfully disagree with Takata about what happens in “distant” Reiki. It’s clear to me that no one is actually sending or receiving anything — rather, the Reiki practitioner is putting himself into the state of Reiki vibration and — by virtue of his oneness with the “recipient” — sharing the Reiki vibration or state-of-being with the other person. So, both of them are indeed experiencing Reiki.

    About Hayashi and the Gakkai — you do agree that Hayashi was involved in the Gakkai for several years … right?

    In Matsui’s article, he doesn’t refer to scanning the aura — which I believe is what was taught by Takata — but to placing his hands all over the person’s body. Anyway, my point was that he doesn’t tell us what kind of sensation or signal he felt, which identified what he believed was the healing spot in each particular case.

    All the best! —–

    • admin commented on August 5, 2012

      Hi Don

      because i think also that there is no giver and receiver i was putting this between quotes (“”) in my comment 😉 On the other aspects, I’ll stick with Takata recommendations, at least till the point that i’ll have enough experience, proves and feelings that there is working in a different way. At the time that she was talking about what we discussed here, she had around 40 years of Reiki experience 😉

      I’m NOT SURE that Hayashi was involved in Gakkai. I know this information but there are more then one source for this claim?

      Usually Takata didn’t teach scanning the aura. She teaches a hands on scanning, exactly the way that Matsui describe it. As far as i know, scanning the aura was re-introduced by Hiroshi Doi in the “western world”. Doing this (hands on / in aura) you’ll receive a “sign”/”reaction” from a hibiki that everyone can felt it/”translated” in his own way. Usually is a tingling, or a different vibration, a heat or a cold. When you find the strongest, there are many chances that there is the cause. But i’m sure that you know all this 😉

      nice to exchange some energy with you 🙂

  • Don Beckett commented on August 2, 2012

    Mihai —-

    Thanks for posting my comment….. well, i read the google translation of your article…. : ^ ). i have just a few follow-up comments:

    In absentee treatments, what did Takata think people were receiving, if not reiki?

    About the “Usui Reiki Guide” — Remember that Hayashi was also instrumental in creating the Gakkai …. and the “Usui Guide” is almost identical to another one published by Hayashi under his own name…..

    I agree, the practice of Reiji is pretty unreliable for most of us …. and we don’t even know how Mr. Matsui identified his magic healing spot. This is why I prefer activating reiki everywhere!

    Good point, what you said about meridians….! In the example I gave, though, I don’t think the eyes were involved; he was directing reiki to a toothache…..! : ^ )

    a l o h a ! ——

    • admin commented on August 5, 2012

      Hi Don

      Takata speaks that, in absentee healing, the “sender” will not receive Reiki, but the “receiver” will “get Reiki” 🙂

      Yes, could be a possibility about Hayashi being involved in creating Gakkai, but, as far as i know, there are no proofs, and, in this “fuzzy Reiki world” i’ll try to stick with some proves (even if i can be considered rigid) and to make checking from many sources. What i’m teaching now is verified from at least 2 sources, usually 3 😀

      As far as i understand, Matsui did some “scanning”, in the manner Takata did. Maybe because they studied both with Hayashi 😉

      Depending on the hands position of the Reiki practicant on the head/face they can “give Reiki” to some other meridian who is connected with Liver meridian. For instance, Gall bladder meridian. If you can tell me the exact position…

      Aloha! 🙂

  • Don Beckett commented on July 31, 2012

    Aloha, Mihai ! ——-
    (apologies for writing in English….)

    This is a rather mysterious subject…! Our beliefs are so powerful in creating reality …. I’m beginning to believe that Reiki may indeed work differently for different people, depending on what each person believes.

    It seems to me, the belief that “Reiki goes where it’s needed” came from observations by people who believe they are able to see the movements of subtle energies. My first Reiki teacher told a story of himself once giving Reiki to someone while another person watched. The witness began laughing, and my Reiki teacher asked why he was laughing. “Because,” the man said, “you are giving Reiki to his face ….. but the energy is going down to his liver!”

    Then, as you say, there is the belief that Reiki must be applied in certain places, or even in a certain sequence of places. It is said that Usui taught a few definite hand positions, mostly on the head (the published document of so-called Usui hand positions seems almost surely to be the work of Dr. Hayashi). And Hayashi was practically maniacal about hand positions! : ^ )

    Then there is the procedure described by Mr. Matsui in his famous article in a 1928 Japanese magazine. Matsui wrote that he had healed more than 100 people with Reiki, and his procedure was to put his hands everywhere on the person, until he found what he recognized as the one spot where the application of Reiki would heal the person. Once he found it, he applied Reiki there until the person was healed…!! (This is similar to the technique called Reiji, of course.)

    Then there are people like me, who don’t believe that Reiki is moving from Point A to Point B in any case….. We believe that Reiki is within every wave-particle of physical matter, because it is a step in the sequence of creation of everything in our world. Therefore, that Reiki is not going from our hands to the other person; our hands are just helping us to direct our attention to a certain place in the other person … and placing our attention there activates the Reiki state-of-being at that location. The fact that we can activate Reiki in someone at a distance is ample evidence that the Reiki does not come from our hands but is activated at the target location by the placing of our attention there. ( For more details, please see: )

    So, if Reiki is activated wherever we put our attention …. why not put our attention on every wave-particle of the recipient’s being, all at once, instead of even thinking about finding certain locations or sequences of locations in order to heal particular symptoms…..?

    • admin commented on August 1, 2012

      Hi Don,

      Nice surprise that you read my article in Romanian 🙂

      I mostly agree with you. I only have different opinion on some issue:
      * we know that Reiki is a hands on method 🙂 so, i would like to have a hand on AND a proper state of mind, as you already write.
      * i know that you don’t need to touch a person to “give” him/her a treatment (as in “absentee healing”) but, as Takata said, in absentee healing you’ll (as a “sender”) not “receive Reiki”. Also, she said that she is doing “absentee healing” in the morning, when Energy is higher and no more then 3 absentee treatments in a row. Interesting observations, huh?
      * i think is better to “walk step by step” on the Reiki path 😉 otherwise, if we jump some stages, we’ll come to the point that you underlined very well in your article “What’s happening with Reiki?”.
      * i think i know, but i have to look for the source, that what we call Usui Guide is coming from Gakkai, trough Koyama and the Doi, so, is not necessary from Hayashi :D. I found the source, you can read it here
      * yes, we know that Usui did mostly some position on the head and then Reiji, but, how many people can do Reiji at the first level? Especially when we are talking about “fast Reiki courses” 😉 I’m teaching Reiji on the level one course/Shoden and i’m testing the students only when they want to take level 2 course/Okuden 😉
      * is true that Reiki Energy could go on other parts of the body then the place you are holding your hands, but, that’s not because “Reiki knows better” but i think mostly because “people knows less” 😀 I mean that Reiki goes and stimulates also meridians and related and interconnected organs. For instance, eyes are related with liver (and some other organs). So your example is supporting my point of view 😉 Takata itself speaks about a correlation like that. And this is also another prove that there is a Traditional Oriental Medicine background on Reiki.

      Again, nice to meet you here also!

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