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“I, likewise, will honor the connection that the Usui System has with the source of all that is, by respecting the gift of Reiki within the context of the teachings of this system as it was taught to me. I receive such abundance when I stand in this understanding of the worth of Reiki, in the understanding of myself as I open to it, of recognizing how I am a part of it, and then can pass the teachings on to others.
So, when other people smile and tell me: “You are doing it wrong” or “You don’t have to touch your client” or “You could add crystals or flower essences,” I smile back. For me there is no other way to do Reiki than the way in which I was originally taught by Rev Fran Brown. When she was presented with the inaccuracies of Rev. Takata’s origination story regarding our system, she did acknowledge Rev. Takata’s need to present the system in a way that post WWII Americans could accept it. Otherwise, she taught the way she was taught.
When I do something else as a personal growth counselor or health educator, I acknowledge that I use my Reiki hands to support my clients’ processes or learning curve. It is not of Reiki system. When I offer Reiki, I will offer it in the way that I came to know the Usui System. When I teach the degrees of Reiki, I teach them the way I was taught and feel honored to do so.”

Earlene Gleisner, Reiki Master, Fran Brown Lineage

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