Interview with Reiki Master Fokke Brink (English version)

 Interview with Reiki Master Fokke Brink

(English version)


* Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background with Reiki, who you trained with and what service you provide now?

I am Fokke Brink and was born in the Netherlands in 1945. I was working in different fields of the society like: police, social worker for difficult groups, trainer in education, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and reincarnationtherapist.

I met Reiki in 1984 and started teaching in 1987 after my Masters initiation from Phyllis Lei Furumoto. I studied Reiki inJapanand discovered the old backgrounds and meanings from our discipline.

In Oomoto, Kameoka,JapanI studied the traditional Japanese Arts like: Noh Drama, Tea ceremony, Aikido, Calligraphy, Pottery, Kebana, and Seal carving.

I studied Calligraphy with the Abbot Eido Tai Shimano Roshi in the Mountain Zen Monastery Dai Bosatsu in New York Upstate, at theBeecherLake.

I am specialized in carving Japanese Seals for Masters and other students.

20 Years I was an active member of The Reiki Alliance, I was co creator of the Master Education Program from Phyllis Lei Furumoto and at the moment I am in the founding group of “PROREIKI”, the professional Reiki Master Organization in Germany.

After I left Holland, I lived for some years in Switzerland and than for 5 years in a mobile home on the street: “The Reiki Heal Mobile”. Now I live in the South of the Greek Peloponnesus.


  • How would you interpret the word ‘Reiki’?

 “Rei” is the Japanese description for something as: The Universal power, like Christians say: The Holy Spirit; or Indian people: Prana or, or ……

“Ki” is the description, in this way of writing: Living Life Force. There are about 40 different characters of Ki in Japanese, therefore you have to know which one it is!

Together Rei-Ki means: Transcendent power, spirit of a being, soul. This is considered to be the power that created and nourishes the Universe in harmony with your life force. Together they are unbelievable: You and the Universe together!!

The name Reiki is used for a healing discipline fromJapan. It passes on healing energy from the Universe through a Reiki-practitioner to some one who needs this energy to relax, harmonize or heal.


  • What do you think is happening in a Reiki session? 

The person who is laying is willing to receive Reiki and will draw this though the hands of the one who puts the hands on. So Reiki goes also through the person who is “giving” , both “receive” Reiki and it will do its “work”. For example: harmonizing the organs, so that they can do their job properly again. Calm down the spirit, blow away clouds in the mind, bring love to our thoughts, relax and, and, and, and . The best results are coming after several sessions one after an other and is just an experience of love and calmness….


  • * Reiki is now becoming popular within the medical system. What role do you believe Reiki plays in the traditional medical system (allopathic medicine)? But in the mental health medicine?


I see Reiki as a spiritual discipline and a way of life. I do not consider it to be a physical healing act. There are many physical results and the do appear, but this is because of the work that is done inside the person. The Reiki Precepts that we honor and are aware of each day. Touching is one part and healing the spirit is an other part. Both together are Reiki.

In the traditional medical hospitals are people looking for something different than spirituality so I believe the hospital should be a hospital. BUT it would be great if all the hospital staff would have Reiki so that they can deal with their patients in the most effective and human way. They could be of more help and support if they live with Reiki them selves and……… at the same time the patients are getting this wonderful energy automatically.


  • What is the difference between psychotherapy and Reiki practice? Why did you quite your psychotherapy practice and start to teach Reiki?

Psychotherapy is a therapy and Reiki NOT. Reiki is sharing life energy, being in a more harmonious way in life. This can work out like therapy and help many people, but it is not a therapy by it self.

The word therapy is a medical word out of an different discipline than Reiki. In Reiki there is no diagnosis, there is no therapy; in Reiki you trust the Universe and your way of life. You learn to do what you have to do in this life. This what Reiki supports.

  • Could Reiki works in a stress management program?
    Sure it can, if the group is willing to take it in the program.


  • Many Reiki practitioners say you can go back into the past and heal it. What’s your take on this issue? 

While treating myself every day and recite the principles also, I understand myself much better and get to know myself much better; so I understand better why I was thinking in a different way in the past and why I did act differently than now. You can find out that it does not make sense to blame yourself for things you did in the past; because you did not know better or could not have done it other wise. Now you can understand it better and take different steps in a better direction for yourself and others.

Beside this, you can send this loving Reiki to your past and heal it with it. Specially in the 2nd degree (more advanced training) I teach to heal your past starting from before you were born until now. My experience is that in these cases not only the person benefits from this, but the whole connected system of family and other participants.


  • Have you had any notable experiences concerning Reiki that you could tell us about? 

This would be to much to tell, because each and every moment with Reiki wonderful things are happening. Mention one would give the impression that others are less and that is not true.


Since we have our hands always with us, it is possible at any time and any situation to do or to share Reiki and be open for what will happen and than miracles are happening, be open for it any time.


  • Can you describe your relationship with Reiki, and how it’s affected you (your life, your career? 

My life has changed totally after I took Reiki. My life was like a house on quick-sand and I was doing all kind of workshops to keep it “above water”. When Reiki entered my life, it took my house and put it on solid ground. I could relax and breath again. My life got a total different, deeper dimension. It still goes on, still after a quarter of a century.


  • What are your hopes & aspirations for the future of Reiki? 

That it will not be forgotten and that many people will be inspired to learn it, to do it for there own good.


  • Is there anything that I/we have not asked that you find is important when talking about Reiki?

Reiki consists out of 2 pillars: Hands-on Reiki for your self and others and the Reiki Principles, known as “spiritual medicine”,

Both are equal important. You can learn Reiki in 3 steps: 1st degree, 2nd degree and Master degree. The Master degree is only for the students who are willing to teach Reiki to others. With the other 2 degrees you can do everything you can imagine. What ever you read about more and more….. be sure all you can do with 1st and 2nd degree!!


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