Cele sapte Principii ale scolii lui Eguchi

Much of Eguchi’s practise was based on self-development and he advised his students to follow these 7 Principles to encourage an ascetic lifestyle:

  1. Deep compassion needs to be felt for clients.
  2. Keep the body clean, be honest, be kind and don’t get angry.
  3. When training: eat shojin ryori (type of Buddhist meal without meat) and eat lightly.
  4. To remain healthy: take light from the sun, fresh air, good water and good food.
  5. By only focusing on the body it is impossible to get healthy. Students must also think and act well.
  6. Read waka from the Meiji Emperor every day.
  7. If we become sick we must first say to ourselves from the bottom of our heart, ‘I sincerely apologise if I have done something wrong’.”

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